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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleepwear for February 2010

Design: Costume 6-Skull-Sleepwear

Code: GPGAC-0134

Design: Costume 2-Sheriff-Sleepwear

Code: BPGAC-0131

Design: Costume 1-Robot-Sleepwear

Code: BPGAC-0130

Design: Pirate Ship Sleepwear

Code: BPGAP-0126

Design: Mommy Tough Guy Sleepwear

Code: BPGAM-0128

Design: I Love Dad Sleepwear

Code: UPGAI-0039

Design: Flower Girl Sleepwear

Code: GPGAF-0132

Design: Dream Girl Sleepwear

Code: GPGAD-0129

Design: Tortoise with Love Sleepwear

Code: UPGAT-0043

Design: Tiger Sleepwear

Code: UPGAT-0050

Design: Owl Sleepwear

Code: UPGAO-0055

Design: Green Fox Sleepwear

Code: BPGAG-0044

Design: Purple Elephant Sleepwear

Code: GPGAP-0047

Design: Pink Zebra Sleepwear

Code: GPGAP-0042

Design: Sugar Cookies Sleepwear

Code: GPGAS-0040

Design: Little Ballerina Sleepwear

Code: GPGAL-0046

Design: Giraffe Sleepwear

Code: UPGAG-0052

Design: Cutest Girl Ever Sleepwear

Code: GPGAC-0049

Design: Pink Butterfly Sleepwear

Code: GPGAP-0051

Design: Monster Party Sleepwear

Code: BPGAM-0041

Design: Costume 5-Astronaut-Sleepwear

Code: UPGAC-0133


18-24 Months

2 yrs old

3 yrs old

4 yrs old

5 yrs old

6 yrs old

Price: RM 27


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